Episode 8: Wanda Vision. ft. Ali Noura and Imana Sabrina

Here it is! In this Episode I’m grateful to discuss the road to founding Bridging Us! A Co-Design Policy Consultancy bridging the gap between young people and decision makers!

M. Williamson once said: Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

Ali and Nana are an embodiment of Willamson’s work! I hope you enjoy this week’s Episode!

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Episode 7: Mzansi Woman ft. Thato Napo

I’m going to let this Episode and my guest, one of the most accomplished women I know to speak for themselves. We tackle topics that are regarded as taboo in conventional society and how being the voice for the voiceless can really create an impact!

Thank you to South Africa for making me the person I am today.

#womenempowerment #entrepreneurship #leadership #womeninpower #innovation #perseverance #tolerance

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Episode 6: Back to the future. 4. ft. Nathaniel Diong

Want to know what it takes to touch the lives of 11,000 young people and host a Hackathon with the UN. Yes, the UN. Well, thats just one of the things my guest this week has accomplished.

Nathaniel Diong thank you so much for your time and for sharing your golden trinkets of wisdom and advice for all young people out there! I cannot wait for such valuable lessons to be heard by the world!

For those of you who might be wondering who Nathaniel is here’s a quick bio!

He is an award-winning Gen-Z educator and social innovator. As CEO & founder of Future Minds Network (FMN), he’s building the next gen of social entrepreneurs.

FMN is on a quest to tackle youth unemployment through entrepreneurship. Through engaging, educational programs, students learn from mentors at YCombinator (birthplace of Airbnb), Harvard, and Oxford and get to build startups with an impact. They practise key enterprise skills for the Future of Work like communication and problem-solving, and even stimulate the creation of their own jobs for the future.

At 19, Nathaniel had already worked with over 11,000 young people, and was an Entrepreneur in Residence / Mentor/ Judge at programs like UC Berkeley, and two hackathons with the United Nations.

Since then he has mentored early-stage startups across three continents, and sits on 8 non-for-profit boards. He’s sat alongside giants like the founder of Techstars – one of the top 3 startup accelerators in the world – Founder’s Bootcamp, and more and works across disability, education and healthcare.

As you can see an absolute treat and privilege to have him on the podcast!

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