Episode 10: Alicia Keys? Sorry, I mean Charli Elle.

We’ve hit the milestone of 10 Episodes! What a way to ring it in. I speak with my life-long friend Carlota Lopes who is making major inrodes into the Entertainment Industry!

She has an absolute powerhouse of vocal chords and you will find out why towards the end of the episode. We get an exclusive a cappella version of her first single!

We discuss the trials of tribulations of being a woman in the entertainment industry and the steps she took to carve her success that I am so sure of.

She’s an enigmatic personality with priceless advice that I believe everyone will benefit from! Enjoy! You can find her first single at the link below!

Don’t forget to play her single on repeat because it’s an absolutely phenomenal track. Let us support her in her career as she makes her way to stardom!

Here’s the episode!

Here’s the music video to GTFO!

Best wishes,



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