Something close to my heart. Something I wrote a while ago that I wrote for one of the reasons I’m still alive:

The Skies Still Blossom

The skies still blossom,

The soil still showers with caution,

As the world seamlessly grows,

Time as always still flows,

Yet the only reason why they all ever seemed to matter ceases to exist.

The mind can only ponder,

The heart knows now but only to cry and to wonder,

How dreams seem like a distant abyss,

and the future an unknown coincidence,

Yet the only reason why they all ever seemed to matter ceases to exist.
I miss you Papa

The reason why any of this ever seemed to matter.

You were my guiding light,

My eyes search for you up in the stars every single night,

Just when I catch a glimpse of your shimmering

Life pulls me right back into a reality bewildering.

You taught me, you made me, you grew me, you nurtured me and you gave me everything, No matter what happened you never gave up.

You always stood your ground, you always kept moving forward.

I kept on saying and believing: ‘We’re all here to make a dent in the universe, else why even be here?’ but here I am today, and instead life itself made a dent in my universe by taking you away from me. Nothing will ever be the same again. This dent is not one I ever wanted.

You gave me everything, yet life decided to take you, my everything away from me. I would give this all away just to have you back. Just so that you could pat my back one more time. There’s so much I wish I could say to you.

It’s Father’s Day today. I ask myself why every day wasn’t Father’s Day why every day wasn’t Mothers Day why every day I didn’t celebrate the two most important people in my life. I want to tell the best father in the world how much I love you. I want to say sorry for all I’ve done wrong, I want your hand on my head, I want you to be there when I fall, to pick me back up. I want to say thank you for all you gave me and I hope to one day become the man you saw in me but it still doesn’t seem like it would matter because you won’t be here.

I do promise you one thing Papa. You, your blessings, your teachings, your knowledge and your love will remain with me forever and I will not stop, I will not give up, until I have achieved and become the very man you said you saw in me. Please stay by my side like you always have, please be my guiding light.

To the best father in the world. Happy Father’s Day Papa. I love you.

The skies still blossom, the soil still showers with caution, as the world seamlessly grows, time as always still flows but Life, Life was a gift that stopped giving on the 25th of February 2017.


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