Return of the Jedi…

‘Haha’, to that title, I assure you, I am no Jedi…becoming a Jedi in the world of literature, motivation and empowerment however, does seem to be an incredibly fascinating notion. First and for most I’d like to apologise for my lapse in blogging, being a student takes it’s toll…together with that I’ve been stringently evaluating the direction this blog is to take and have finally reached a conclusion. 

It all started off as a motivational retreat, ecstasy to those who wish to be motivated and stay strong. That element is bound to stay however together with that…I’m adding a personal touch where I will bring in my own opinions, thoughts, and perspectives, in hope of change. Through this I aim to not only aid those in need of some extra motivation but also be a voice to the voiceless and bring about a change in perception, a change in societal norms and eventually progress for the youth all across the globe. It’s a small blog now, but with your support and your input let’s we can all make a difference, make a change, become a formiddable force in this cyber orientated world. Those who can see my vision with me just by reading this blog. From this moment on it’s all hands on deck. Let’s get this movement started. Let’s make a difference. You can expect a new page out of my book which is life every week. Ladies and Gentlemen this is the start to something great, something bigger than us all and your support in helping me achieving positive change is all I ask. In advance. Thank you. 

After all…

We’re all here to make a dent in the universe, else? Why even be here? – Steven Paul Jobs  

Always remember that within us we hold the power to do all that which we though impossible, within us we hold true, infinite power. Never forget that.


Arjun Agarwal. 


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