Well…it’s time to see me in action.

Well here is my claim to fame. Hope you all enjoy!

My videos and presentations


Matric Final Speech


Info on Speech:

I was selected as the best speaker from my school to represent my Crawford College Sandton in the national annual Matric public speaking competition.

Rotary Club International Public Speaking Competition


Info on Speech:

As the best speaker from my school I was also selected to speak at the Rotary International Public Speaking competition and was highly commended by the guest Judge and Speaker Mr Douglas Kruger. Who is a prominent face in South African public speaking.

Guest Speaker Speech – Crawford College NorthCoast


Info on Speech:

​This is a very special event for me. As an aspiring speaker I had always wished to be invited as a guest speaker to a function after having been addressed by numerous Guest Speakers and seniors at my school. I wished to become like them. Due to my hard work and passion towards Public Speaking an opportunity came my way and I was invited to Crawford’s North Coast Campus as a Guest Speaker for an Inaugural Public Speaking Competition.

Many more to come!!!


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