My Achievements and Skills

‘Ever tried? Ever failed? Try again. Fail better.’ – Samuel Beckett

These words constantly stand as reminder to me to better and improve myself, below please see the true result of these impacting words on my life.

Although my skill set has been thoroughly discussed, together with delivering eloquently formulated speeches and motivation talks I am also an experienced Master of Ceremonies (MC). I have the ability to host events and have hosted one of Johannesburg’s largest annual Diwali Festivals – The South African Hindu Maha Sabha’s Annual Gauteng Diwali Festival, I co-MC’d the event this year with an estimated crowd of above 20 000 people.

My versatility and desire to always interact with new interesting people has equipped me with the ability to speak my mind and a treasure this ability dearly for it allows me to attempt to make a difference in peoples lives.

Trophies I have been awarded whilst at Crawford College Sandton  

  • 2014 Patti Kramer Trophy for Best Individual Speaker

A trophy awarded by the Chief Adjudicator for the annual NEA speaking competition.

  • 2014 Ariella Epstein Trophy for Best Public Speaking and Community Service over 5 years

A trophy Awarded to me at my Valediction in honor of one of Crawford’s Best Speakers and Community Service Veteran.

  • 2014 Crawfordian Award

The most prestigious Award at Crawford awarded to an exemplary student, leader and academic.

  • 2014 Schmaman Good Character Trophy

A trophy also awarded at my valediction for displaying good principles of judgement, humility and honesty at all times.

  • Through 2010-2015 Multiple Prestige Certifications from the NEA (National Eisteddfod Academy) and Speech and Drama College SA

Prestige classifying my achievements as top of their category when they were presented.

  • 2014 Rotary Club International (Sandton) Award for Service Above Self

A phenomenal award handed to me by the Rotary Chairperson in recognition of my service to the community. This is the most special award presented at my Valediction for me and is very close to my heart as it assured me that I have managed to accomplish some good in society and gave me the strength and courage to continue doing so.


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