So what can I do for you?

Hi again,

Below please see topics I speak on.

General speeches on:

  • The youth and it’s future
  • Strengths and weaknesses of individuality and over confidence
  • What to focus on in life
  • Personal Well-being
  • Interesting current affairs
  • Importance of Culture, family tradition and respecting your community (Democracy and its beauty)
  • Dedication, Success
  • How to ascertain your goals
  • Living in a privileged society
  • Doing your part for the community

Valediction Speeches on:

  • The importance of respect, success and self confidence
  • Motivation to keep moving forward in a world full of disappointments and rejection
  • Individuality and how to combat Varsity
  • Communicating your views and opinions
  • Unity, passion and the future of a top class student coming from a top class secondary institution

(All this coming from a Varsity Student who is experienced with a year of tertiary education systems)

Gr 11 Leadership Camp Workshops:

  • (Coming from a Crawford College Sandton Executive Member) What one should aim to be as a leader
  • How to lead without being dominating and boastful
  • The importance of being humble
  • Managing your leadership role and educational role
  • Very malleable in terms of leadership topics as it is a broad concept

L.O Workshops on:

  • Self confidence
  • The importance of saying No (Not generalized on sexual topics rather in the vast scheme of things)
  • The battle of egos and keeping ones calm and upholding self respect
  • Personal Motivation
  • Speaking Techniques
  • How to present yourself for a job interview
  • Exam and learning techniques (Can give good advice based on achievements and matric results) (8 Distinctions 93% Average)

Public Speaking workshops on:

  • The art of speaking
  • How to get rid of those nerves
  • Communication techniques and skills
  • Speech writing skills and techniques
  • Articulation and voicing of opinions in the correct manner

Basically a very malleable outfit, if you would like me to speak on something, I will ensure to speak on it.

Please leave any comments or additions below!


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